VictoriaAnne Embroidery

VictoriaAnne Embroidery

VP Parrish Industries LLC is parent company to VictoriaAnne Embroidery.

VictoriaAnne Embroidery: A retail company specializing in Irish dancing competition dresses. All dresses are custom made to your personal specifications. Alterations, repairs, and custom embroidery projects are available.

Customers receive personal attention for every detail. Theater costumes and period clothing can be contracted to meet your needs. Personalized business uniforms, events clothing, and customized sports apparel is also available.

VictoriaAnne Embroidery also provides basic and advance sewing and embroidery lessons.

VP Parrish Industries LLC: Victoria and Phillip Parrish bring knowledge, experience, and creativity to providing business solutions. We strive to develop and build American-based companies. Keeping in mind the American dream, we aim to assist local entrepreneurs in growing and expanding their successful businesses.