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Sanctuary Cities Exploit The People They Claim To Help

The next time you hear the narrative “migrants help our economy and they pay taxes” ask that person these questions:

  1. Will undocumented and illegal migrants get to collect social security at retirement age?

  2. If they are working under false documents, where did the social security and workers compensation withholdings go and to whom?

  3. If they have no documents and are living and working in sanctuary how will they ever see any of the alleged future benefits from taxes and withholdings collected in their alleged name? Where did the money go?

  4. If the undocumented or illegal worker is getting paid under the table, how will they get properly compensated if they are hurt or if they do work to retirement age, how will they live with no social security benefits?

The truth, proponents of sanctuary cities are exploiting the people they claim they are helping. These disingenuous leaders and municipalities are collecting taxes, withholdings, and federal program dollars in the names of people that will never see a return on their labor. Sanctuary cities are modern day slave camps.

Voter Fraud is Real

Voter fraud is real and destroys the integrity of our nation. Arguments the numbers are “negligible” insults Americans and robs the dignity of people the elite allege they want to protect. 

Leaders in sanctuary cities are the primary offenders in these illicit fraudulent activities. They are exploiting the people they claim they care about.

Voting must include proof of residency in the respective State and proof of United States Citizenship. No citizen is restricted by this. Narratives claiming prejudice are false subversive agendas sponsored by ill-intended subversives.

Sanctuary Cities Must End

Sanctuary policies exploit the very people the elite and globalists claim they want to help. Sanctuary cities destroy the dignity of the people seeking sanctuary and the people in communities that are exploited. The disingenuous political elite, one world order globalists, and human traffickers are to blame for the current security crisis, not President Trump.

Pundits and Naysayers are Sewing Themselves Into a Corner

Most pundits and naysayers are sewing themselves into such a disastrous corner as they react to President Trump. They are threatening their own career and credibility. They are so committed to their ill-gotten notions they will continue to manufacture, distort, and lie to attempt to prove their accusations and points of view.

Stop Coddling and Enabling Violent People

Brothers and sisters in Christ. Stop coddling and enabling people who openly and covertly write, teach, and practice the agenda of killing Christians and other non-believers of Islam. You are not being a “good Christian” by turning the other cheek; you are complicit in rape and murder. Followers of Islam (Muslims) openly and covertly teach and practice raping and murdering all non-believers. Some Islamists claim this is not true and state that they speak against raping and killing non-believers. However, most of those same followers of Islam still openly and covertly teach and practice the agenda to overthrow all forms of government that do not comply with sharia (Islamic Law). Islam/Sharia is the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution, and therefore, Islamists are the antithesis of Christians. The notion that Islamists are misguided and don’t know any better comes from an arrogant and narcissistic mindset that ultimately produces complicit policies that help Islamists/jihadists to commit rape and murder. The notion that Islam is purely a religion comes from a psychological warfare campaign intended to hide the true political ideology and to exploit Western philosophy and morality. 

Brothers and sisters in Christ. Believers in a political ideology are conducting a psychological warfare campaign that is the complete antithesis of all that we believe in, and they are exploiting and manipulating you. Ignoring, turning the other cheek, and denying these facts is not the “Christian thing to do”; it is a sinful participation in the rape and murder of innocents.


The self-hating self-loathing self-defecating culture in our society today is shocking and scarier than I noticed prior to the 2016 election. The strategic false narrative responsible for this culture started approximately eight years ago and created a form of mental instability that will be felt for generations. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and one-world-order globalists built and projected this self-loathing narrative to exploit the American public. This false version of humility has infected a segment of the population and now appears to have induced a form of mental illness. What evidence do I have; turn on the TV, read a social media post, or talk to the children and adults who were given the day/week off because of a political campaign loss and are now committing violent crimes across the nation. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for these anti-American subversive behaviors. Sadly, and apparently unknown to this segment of the population, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton could not be any further away from a genuine example of humility. Just in case you are wondering or didn’t pick up on the message, self-loathing is not humility.