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VP Parrish Industries LLC was founded in March 2016.

VP Parrish Industries LLC: Victoria and Phillip Parrish bring knowledge, experience, and creativity to providing business solutions. We strive to develop and build American-based companies. Keeping in mind the American dream, we aim to assist local entrepreneurs in growing and expanding their successful businesses.

Featured Companies Include:

VictoriaAnne Embroidery

A company specializing in Irish dancing competition dresses. All dresses are custom made to your personal specifications. Alterations, repairs, and custom embroidery projects are available.

The Minnesotan

A team of investigative journalists dedicated to exposing individuals and groups who exploit the very nature of who we are as Americans. Staff at The Minnesotan believe the U.S. Constitution is the most positive expression of social justice the world will ever know.

Phillip C Parrish Music

Inspiring singer and songwriter. Blues, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Country, and Classical Music. Phillip is a well-known performer and music teacher. He has been performing since he was a very young child, writing songs for over thirty years, and teaching voice for more than twenty years. Phillip is an up-and-coming producer and director.

VP Parrish Consulting

A team specializing in physical and cyber security for individuals, family, business, and events. Our consulting team will assess your business, home, or event for security vulnerabilities and deliver recommendations and resources to mitigate and eliminate physical and cyber threats