Enough Already

Enough already; restore your dignity, and own who you are. People with dignity do not need to know someone’s sexual preferences, what they identify as, race, color, origin, religion, or any other personal matter. People with dignity will respect and love you and leave your dignity intact. People with dignity do not have to agree with or accept all that you do or say; they can still like you even with a difference in opinion. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and live with who you are? Restore your dignity by owning who you are; who you are is what you do and who you become. Every action you take, every hateful thought and attempt to control an outcome with dishonest methods, no matter how well intended, are yours to own. Those without dignity seek to destroy others life, liberty, freedom, and dignity. Protect your dignity and protect the dignity of those around you. Cast those with no dignity who seek to destroy others dignity to the winds of time. Move past them. Do not engage them. If attacked, do not in blindness think that you can change their behavior. Leave them to the creator’s wrath; pray for their souls for they are already dead. If you are violently attacked defend yourself, and those with dignity will stand with you.

Proxy Wars Must End

Constant war will not end until all sides stop using paid insurgents to destabilize governments or regions (proxy wars). Hillary Clinton and associates participated in a Charlie Wilson style war creating the alleged Arab Spring and trafficking of illegal weapons resulting in the destabilization of North Africa and Syria (this is not classified information, it is public record). Mr. Putin is correct in his assertion. He knows the game all to well and is guilty of the same. STOP funding insurgents! Legitimate armed forces must cooperate and establish enough order for the truly vulnerable to be protected. http://youtu.be/VbZDyr2LkdI

Be Dangerous!

Be ready at all times to do the right thing; expect nothing in return. This makes you dangerous to the ill intended. Be dangerous!

Jihad = war

We will not win the war on terror until all sharia compliant persons and organizations are exposed and removed from all levels of U.S. government, nonprofit orgs, and NGOs. Sharia compliant persons and organizations are required to fund jihad. Jihad = war. Islamic Jihad (soft warfare or kinetic) on American soil is an act of war.

Jihad Soft Warfare

Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant persons and groups are a direct threat to local, state, and national security. Their doctrine demands they act on a stated and practiced objective to openly and covertly overthrow the United States’ Government. Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant persons must be investigated, discovered, exposed, prosecuted, and expelled for their subversive acts of soft warfare (infiltration, exploitation, subversive anti-American education, anti-American propaganda, and tactical corruption of local, state, and national leaders). Their soft war includes financial and logistical support to Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant kinetic warfare. Soft warfare operations are acts of war. The war on terror will never be won by focusing on violent terrorists. The war on terror must include the exposure and confrontation of all those who actively and passively support and enable Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant persons and groups.

Terrorists Breeding Ground

In the coming decades, Western academia will be forever marked as the breeding ground for terrorists. Arrogant narcissistic, presumably well-intended, academics have been exploited by ill-intended academics acting on a Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant agenda. All academics, some unknowingly, have actively participated in the destruction of the West and freedom.

9 – 11 – 2001

For those who can’t or won’t believe violent Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant Salafists killed nearly 3,000 people and took down the twin towers on 9/11/2001: the only cover-up you need to focus on exposing remains the Muslim/Islamic Salafists in suits, ties, and dresses. Why was there so much conveniently timed and placed video footage? Few want to admit to the publicly documented standard of Islamic militant media members being dispatched to record and disseminate terrorist attacks for propaganda and recruiting. Why were there multiple coordinated attacks, to include probable suicide bombers? Few want to talk about the number of Salafists who have infiltrated untold groups, businesses, organizations, and schools. Why do people want to ignore the significant strategic, psychological, intellectual, and sophisticated attack planning and execution? Few want to discuss that 90 percent of Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant Salafists leaders have been educated in Western Schools. The only cover-up was and continues to be the false narratives naïve people created in a twisted attempt to cope with the unthinkable–the unthinkable that many Americans worked and crossed paths with countless Salafists who participated in the 9/11 attacks. Muslim/Islamic sharia compliant Salafists in suits, ties, and dresses have been funding, coordinating, and facilitating these attacks for decades; hundreds of Salafists conspired to attack the United States. Just a note: crazy people committing these acts is a notion sold by those who have conspired to discredit those who expose conspirators. Separately, for those who want to deny the fact that violent Salafists had chemical and biological weapons in Iraq and moved to Syria, please read the following. Or you can continue down the naïve path that it was all just a made up ruse for a war. Wake up and start coping with the truth.

Veolia completes destruction of chemicals collected as part of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Elimination Program


Syrian chemical weapons to be destroyed


Destruction of Syrian chemical weapons completed


Syria’s Chemical Weapons Have Been Destroyed. So, Why Do Chlorine Gas Attacks Persist?

Planned Parebthood

Planned Parenthood commits 323,999 (2014 total) abortions per year and growing. CDC reported a total of 699,202 abortions in 2012. Current estimates average over 972,000 abortions per year in the United States. You really want to claim this is about choice? 972,000 abortions per year and growing is about murder and genocide. The culture of death surrounding those who talk themselves and others into the justifications used to hide this reality defies logic, unless they are secretly proponents of genocide.

You want a choice? Book an appointment to have a vasectomy or tubal ligation. O that’s right, now act shocked and outraged at such a suggestion while 972,000 unborn human beings are murdered each year. The hypocrisy and moral perversion exposes the true nature of proponents of abortion. 

If you propose to justify all this with rape statistics, the numbers don’t add up. You would be better served to start focusing on the culture of violence associated with the men who have no respect for women, life, or children.

Psychological Warfare

Allegedly healthy people attempting psychological warfare with allegedly unhealthy people exposes the arrogance of the allegedly healthy. The failure of the healthy person starts with an inability or unwillingness to contemplate the extent to which the unhealthy person will go to win the fight. So why attempt a form of warfare where one combatant is unwilling or not free to resort to the same or superior level of combat? We will never win the war on terror by playing psychological games (false public narratives) with a morally bankrupt opponent. The forensics of connecting the physical dots must match efforts to connect the psychological dots. Stop trying to win over violent abusive people through the soft war of psychological war games. We will never win. We all must stand up to violent abusive people with superior physical force and commitment. We must stop sacrificing the health and safety of our children. We must admit to and expose the core violent ideology and psychological principals of Muslim/Islamic sharia regardless of threats of retribution. Public policy makers of the last eight years must account for being naïve or confronted for participating in subversive activities to destroy America.

What government do you want?

The United States’ constitution was founded on core principles of freedom, independence, self-determination, and all people are worthy and capable. Islam/sharia was founded on a violent male dominate sectarian theocracy with an explicit intent to rule through force and create dependency. If you are not willing to choose, Islam will choose for you. Rise up America. Expose and cast out all sharia compliant agendas, persons, groups, and organizations.