Life Will Go On

Islamists or any others fixated on end-of-time narratives use hate, fear, and glory tales to control and manipulate all people. The world is not going to end–not now–and more likely never. Scientists, agnostics, and evolutionists ironically provide more proof that life will go on rather than ending. I believe in Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior. I make these statements, with God as my witness, and I tell you the world will not end. Life will go on.

Why Trump – Pence

Many of my Christian friends and family are asking me why I am voting for Trump/Pence.

I am an outspoken born again Christian – Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I am voting Trump. Why? Because my family and I don’t need a Lord and Savior in the Whitehouse. We have our Lord and Savior, Jesus, in our house. We don’t need a religious theocrat in the Whitehouse. We have our God in our homes and churches. We need a leader in the Whitehouse who will protect our God given rights to CHOOSE to be Christian. We need a leader who will protect our God given right to celebrate and live like Christians. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are leaders who will protect those rights and the United States Constitution.

Closet Islamists

Closet Islamists don’t need compassion or understanding to come out of the closet. Closet Islamists/Muslims need to be exposed for what they are doing in the name of Islam to institute Sharia. All closet Islamists in US academia, law enforcement, military, and public office are acting on subversive soft-warfare plans and directives to overthrow the United States. Those who dismiss this fact as conspiracy are complicit in crimes of fraud and sedition. Those who continue to state that Islam is a religion actively participate in fraud. All Sharia compliant persons, groups, and organizations achieve personal and financial gain at the expense of American tax payers under false pretenses. All Sharia compliant persons, groups, and organizations are directly supporting jihadist activities (which makes the “sharia compliant”). Jihad is war. The false narratives dismissing jihad as a personal struggle against sin and non-believers constitutes fraud and subversion. Countless FBI, CIA, DIA, and DOD professionals have been telling people the truth about the soft and kinetic warfare plan of Islamists for decades. Some naive leaders are to arrogant and narcissistic to believe the vulgar, abusive, violent, and inhuman realities and intent of Islam/Sharia. Some truly believe the misogynistic violence of Islamists will fix the world and bring about utopia. All closet Islamists/Muslims truly and knowingly participate in soft and kinetic warfare operations to destroy America. They are enemy combatants.

Ground Zero for the Rise of Jihad

In a world seeking peace, academia, religious scholars, and spiritual leaders became ground zero for the rise of violent jihad. Academia and scholars must be held accountable for their part in the culture of death and despair in the past four decades.

Why Soft-Shoe Around the Threat

Why are US “agencies” soft-shoeing around the Muslim/Islamic/Salafist threat? All the agencies have known for decades; Islamists have used detailed records, instructions, and tactics to exploit, destroy, and overthrow America. Why are people ignoring the threat? Is it arrogance, disbelief, or are some officials participating in destroying the United States?

Islam is the Problem

Hillary Clinton, current admin, Mark Dayton, and countless others spent 8+ years pacifying, enabling, and supporting Muslim/Islamic sharia Salafists while demonizing agnostics and Christians. Islamic terrorist attacks steadily increased every year. But there’s no connection? They can lie, twist, spin, and falsify data all they want but it will never change the truth – Islam is the problem. 


#Islam #Muslim call it what you will – the written, spoken, and practiced ideology is to overthrow all other cultures. To allow or ignore the practice of Islam/Muslim/Sharia in any degree or form is to commit seditious and subversive acts of #Treason – officials who will not tell the truth about the intent of Islam participate in the destruction of the U.S. and our constitution.

Clinton Operatives

Facebook, Google, and mainstream media had better get wise to the fact that some of their employees are accepting and have accepted under-the-table contracts from the Clinton campaign, current administration, and others to push and pull data, narratives, and suppress specific data that does not fit a narrative directed by the Clinton campaign. By get wise I mean they better start going after those employees before news breaks that it was a known issue all along. By get wise I also mean they better act quickly before they start seeing a surge in lawsuits by the co-works and stockholders.

Stand Up

Standing up to violent abusive dishonest people will lead to a confrontation, but it doesn’t create more. They were already violent abusive dishonest people. If we don’t stand up to them they will create more. #StandUp #StandTogether #StopViolenceWithStrengthInNumbers

Migrant crises or policy negligence? 

Ask yourself: how can alleged refugees of up to a 1,000 people at a time appear out of nowhere at the Hungarian boarder, allegedly having walked 1,530 miles (2,463 km), with many refusing aid and appearing no worse for wear? Have you seen pictures of the refugee camps? Have you seen data regarding the number of women and children in refugee camps? With just a little research, you can see something does not add up. So what’s the story? Who is being dishonest? Where are the women and children? In 2014 more than 51 percent of refugees were under 18. Where are the children?

Let’s look at the facts regarding the walk. At a pace of around 3-miles per hour it would take approximately 505 hours (or 21 days with no stops) to walk from one of the largest refugee camps in Suruc, Turkey, to Budapest, Hungary. Now let’s imagine ambitiously walking 8-hours straight per day; it would take more than 63 days to walk that distance. Again, something does not add up. How are thousands of people per day virtually appearing out of nowhere? Does mainstream media really expect people to believe that thousands of people per day are moving across Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania unnoticed?

The facts demonstrate government diplomats and mainstream media are not being honest about what is really going on. UNHCR reporting from 9 July 2015 indicates there are more than 4-million Syrian refugees and there are more than 7.6 million displaced Syrians. The facts illustrate international negligence in the approved migrant narrative and foreign policies.