Muslim: a Western word which identifies a person who submits to Islam. What religion is Muslim? Can you define the Muslim religion? You cannot because the Muslim religion does not exist; the religion is Islam. If such a religion as Muslim exists, I dare Muslims to speak out and condemn Islam. I dare all Muslims to separate themselves from Islam-Sharia and take a stand against Islamists. I dare all Muslims to fight and put down the violence, fascism, bigotry, slavery, hate, murder, pedophilia, male chauvinism associated with Islam.

 The use of the Westernized word Muslim was instituted and socialized to deceive and exploit Western cultures. Islamists and their political insurgents have lied to and exploited Americans and Europeans for the premeditated benefit of Islam. Any other ideological group would be charged with crimes against humanity for Islam’s inhuman behaviors and practices. Accommodating Islamists and allowing them to live among a constitutional society under a separate set of laws and rules is not compassion or love, it is intentional self-defecation and ultimately suicide.

 Confront all media, politicians, and community leaders and demand that they stop exploiting the public and stop using the word Muslim—demand they use the word Islamist.

Foreign policy: U.S. coalition with Islamic states to combat Islam?

A U.S.-led coalition of Islamic states to combat Islam is the same treasonous foreign policy practiced for decades. Yes, treason. Islam is the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution. Islamic doctrine openly states and practices cultural soft and violent warfare to overthrow all other cultures and governments. Islam of any degree has one common and persistent agenda: for all to submit to Islam-Sharia–no lesser version or goal exists. All levels of Islamic culture put forth this agenda in writing and practice. U.S. Citizens must recognize American officials, military, law enforcement, and nongovernment agencies involvement with Islamic groups, as seditious and subversive threats to Americans and the U.S. Constitution.

Subversive Acts of Treason

#Islam #Muslim call it what you will – the written, spoken, and practiced ideology is to overthrow all other cultures. To allow or ignore the practice of Islam/Muslim/Sharia in any degree or form is to commit seditious and subversive acts of #Treason – officials who will not tell the truth about the intent of Islam participate in the destruction of the U.S. and our constitution. 

Jihadi Salafists

Be vigilant friends. One world order globalists and one world order Muslim brotherhood jihadi salafists are one in the same and have colluded to cause free people harm. They have no interest in a greater good or freedom. Their goals, narrative, and agenda bring only pain, suffering, and death. Be vigilant as they know they are being exposed and they will become increasingly dishonest, desperate, and violent. Continue to be good citizen journalists. Document, preserve your information, and then communicate with everyone you possibly can. One world order jihadi globalists can be defeated when we as individuals rise up together, speak the truth, and demand the truth.

Don’t Read Point One Without Point Two

Point one and two, don’t read one without the other. I am a conservative, republican, constitutionalist, and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. That being said, leave people alone! Leave individuals with their dignity. If you believe in the United States Constitution as you say you do and you believe in Jesus as you say you do than you must understand that you cannot force or coerce people into acting, thinking, feeling, or being just like you. The United States Constitution affords everyone the opportunity to succeed and fail. Failure and success go hand in hand. You must allow others to fail and succeed on their own. Let the individual choices of others bear the fruits of their own labor. In turn our constitution is there to protect us from the harmful, selfish, and destructive choices of others. It is unlawful and subverts the constitution to hold all citizens monetarily and physically accountable for the abusive, selfish, and destructive choices of others. Enabling destructive behaviors doesn’t make you compassionate it makes you a sick codependent. Leaders in America that do not understand this do not belong in office. Rise up and expose those who do not understand this. 

Islam Is The Problem

The war on terror cannot be won with a focus on the violent kinetic actions of Muslims/Islamists alone. Leaders, intelligence community, law enforcement, courts, the public, and security professionals must focus on the soft-warfare activities of Muslims/Islamists. What would you do to any other person or group that publicly and privately wrote, taught, and actively practiced doctrine to overthrow the United States government, our laws, and constitution? You would arrest them and prosecute them. So why are we letting Muslims/Islamists get away with their subversive soft-warfare activities inside the boarders of the United States? In every Mosque and Muslim organization throughout Western civilization and the United States a core doctrine to overthrow all other forms of government and replace it with sharia (Islamic law) is written, taught, and actively practiced. These Muslim/Islamist activities are not about religious freedom. Religious freedom refers to the freedom to worship and practice faith. What would you do if every Christian organization started writing, teaching, and practicing a doctrine to overthrow the United States government and throw out the constitution? There would be federal, state, and local authorities busting down doors and arresting people. So why are we letting Muslims/Islamists get away with subversive and seditious acts to overthrow our government? #IslamIsTheProblem

The Arrogance of the Political Elite

The arrogance of the political elite and their one-world-order agenda propagated decades of false ideology regarding Islamists and other violent groups. That false ideology fixated on a notion that violent abusive people are just ignorant of their behaviors and if they were only exposed to the way the political elite and allegedly enlightened think and believe violent people would just stop being violent. Another group of globalist agenda Christians propagated a notion that Islamists and other violent groups just need to know Jesus, essentially following the same failed logic. The notion violent people just need to know Jesus and how Christians think and violent abusive people will just stop being violent. Neither group of ideological elite and allegedly enlightened stopped to admit that most of the violent people carrying out their attacks are highly educated and reject the political elite’s logic, notions, and ideology. Most Christian leaders will not admit that violent abusive people know Jesus as well or better than most Christians and have knowingly rejected Jesus and all aspects of Christian life. So how do you fight a growing group of people that have knowingly rejected all aspects of open, free, and inclusively peaceful society? How do you stop a group of people that intentionally play victim and plead ignorance while acting out a doctrine where the only achievable peace is when all who disagree with them are killed or converted to their violent abusive totalitarian governance? First, you expose the lies propagated by the elite and hold them accountable for their failed notions and arrogance. Second, you expose the disingenuous and false narratives of violent abusive people and groups regardless of any excuse they attempt to exploit others with. Third, you hold violent abusive people physically accountable for their violence immediately, with equal or superior force. Violent people choose to be violent. The false notion that ‘circumstances created these violent people’ must end! Self-loathing masochistic God-complex elite came up with this unhealthy belief and created countless generations of unhealthy enablers.

No Intent?

No intent?! Hillary Clinton has been read in and read out of a clearance multiple times by special security officers. Those multiple briefings conclude with signing statements of understanding regarding how to handle classified information and the penalties if not followed. Hillary Clinton signed those forms knowing she was already and would continue to be violating the rules and laws as she signed those statements of understanding. Her intent to break the rules and laws can be found in her signature. She was told and she knew the rules but she chose to intentionally violate the rules and laws anyway. The entire purpose of Hillary’s private server was to hide her actions and behaviors from government officials, law makers, and public scrutiny – it was her intention to do so. Then comes the lying to Congress under oath and sworn statements of understanding the penalties for lying under oath. 

We have a sickness that has infected America. We have become unhealthy and inappropriate enablers to violent and abusive people. Hillary Clinton is an abuser. She is unhealthy and inappropriate for any position of trust.Make America healthy again – stop being enablers to violent and abusive people.


Government officials, religious leaders, and military leaders who attempt to hide and deny the intentions, behaviors, and narratives of Islamists, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) are aiding and abetting terrorists; they are committing treason. Even those attempting to simply ignore the realities of ISIS/ISIL/Salafists aid and abet terrorists and their strategic plan.

America Rise Up

Americans rise up, find all buildings, businesses, groups, and people unknown to you and your communities and expose them. If you find unexplained events, pop-up companies, and meetings organized by non-community members, you are not imagining it and you are not a conspiracy theorist. Become a citizen journalist and document and disseminate all your findings. America’s enemies write, teach, and practice insurgency infiltration, exploitation, as methods to overthrow the United States. You are not a bad person if you stand up and say NO you cannot do this to America and our communities. Find, document, write, publish, photograph, and communicate all you see and hear. You are not alone.