Be Ready

Be ready to do the right thing anytime anywhere; expect nothing in return. This makes you dangerous to the ill intended. Be dangerous!

Justice Applied Equally

Justice and the rule of law can apply equally to all people–regardless of status, race, color, or creed. Substantial evidence illustrates Hillary Clinton, her aids, and associates are guilty of perjury, fraud, and criminal mishandling of highly classified information that led to the deaths of U.S. Citizens and knowingly disclosed U.S. information to foreign entities that were plotting harm to the United States and its Citizens. We must demand our justice system put aside all political pressures and demonstrate to all people that no one is above the law, including Hillary Clinton.

Subversives With Ill-Intentions

We must confront the premeditated, subversive notion that standing up to violent abusive people creates violent abusive people. When you stand up to aggressive individuals, they can become increasingly violent and abusive. Those defending the innocent and vulnerable did not create the reality of this scenario; these individuals were already violent and abusive. The sick, narcissistic, and allegedly enlightened individuals and groups that promote this narrative are subversives with ill intentions. Stand up, stand together, and confront violent abusive people. Turning a blind eye is what ultimately creates more violent people.

Good and Evil

Good  and Evil

Knowledge is a weapon in the hands of the ill intended and some well-intended people.

My experience as a father, teacher, intelligence officer, and administrator in this age of exploding information and unprecedented access to knowledge demonstrates to me that few people are good critical thinkers and readers. Despite our perceived advances in the human condition, we battle the same risks and pitfalls that have existed since the beginning of time. Knowledge in the hands of the presumed well intended often goes terribly wrong. Even well-intended people who gain insight and enlightenment can quickly jump to euphoric notions, such as if others only knew what I know it would save them so much pain, if others only thought or knew this it would save them so much trouble, if people would just listen to me and know what I know they would not get hurt, and so on. This reality robs the people needing knowledge of their dignity and disregards how the enlightened arrived at their so-called enlightenment. All well-intended people can fall into this innocent trap, like a parent trying to save their child from life’s ills or the parent’s mistakes. For the ill-intended person, this human condition is child’s play, and they use this reality as part of their premeditated scheme to gain power, control, and advantage. Too often in history well-intended, euphoric academics and leaders unwittingly become the ill intended’s foot soldiers. My challenge, to myself and the reader, is to discover and sustain ways to teach others how to learn and how to question everything and everyone in a healthy and productive way.

After being a father for 24 years, working as an intelligence officer for 17 years, and teaching for 33 years, I have learned more than I wanted to know about people, education, governance, and ideologies practiced in more than seven countries. In all my experiences, I consistently find a percentage of people who hide their true nature. People of any culture or origin who practice passive aggressive, covert, and outright dishonest methods to teach or to socially engineer people are instruments of evil and the ill intended. To practice covert persuasion, manipulation, and exploitation as tools to change people or cultures even for an alleged just cause ultimately results in injustice. Leaders, teachers, or any person of authority who practice lying and omitting truth to achieve goals are the voices and hands of evil. Such people’s goals, objectives, or concepts always result in harming and killing others. They will use and exploit even the most pure ideals to gain power, control, and advantage. The level of premeditated coercion and manipulation some people are capable of is beyond most people’s imagination. I believe we can and must learn how to protect ourselves from ill-intended people but believe in a starting point that may surprise most people.

Please bear with the assertion for a moment as I frame the paradigm from which I stand. I believe in God as our creator who grants us many gifts and liberties, leaving us to our own free will and individual dignity, which He freely gives to all people, regardless of origin or gender. Here is where I find a fundamental truth regarding the human condition, making all people equally deserving of their own labors’ fruit. This notion provides a cornerstone and building blocks of a free people, which ill-intended people do not want us to know or understand. Yes, there are people in our daily lives who work endlessly to perfect the means and methods to exploit, coerce, and harm people. We have failed to guard ourselves and our children from these ill-intended people and their unwitting, well-intended foot soldiers. History provides cyclical evidence of this. So how do we stop the cycle, the abuse, and the exploitation? Despite our abilities to study and relate these challenges to others it would appear a balance between compassion and standing up for our own dignity and convictions continues to allude even the most enlightened society.

How do we stop this? How do we learn to protect ourselves? How do we maintain principles of how to learn without falling into the well intended’s trap, where they attempt to tell people what they must know? My answer may surprise you: we must unlearn and learn again to love and to forgive. First I believe we need to challenge our understanding of love, especially Christians who have been taught to believe we are only loving if we turn the other cheek and forgive the habitual abuser. For me, love is 99-percent doing and 1-percent feeling. I cannot earn it or achieve it. Love is given freely, providing us the opportunity to heal, grow, learn, and positively impact all those around us. If I do not take action, if I do not act and interact with those around me in a way that promotes life, growth, and learning, I could say I love others to the end of time, but I will have loved no one. To be loving we must have an understanding of values like commitment, grace, liberty, dignity, and compassion. A one-sided, happy-go-lucky, everything is rose’s paradigm is false and ultimately destructive. People who say anything goes, it is all okay, nothing really matters, or I just want to keep people happy are in reality the antithesis of love.

Most people strive for the highest ideal regarding how we are to treat even our enemy. Many people are taught from early childhood the virtues and ideals that are as righteous and selfless as Jesus taught. However, we are often only taught half the lesson; ill-intended leaders over thousands of years have intended this. We must challenge ourselves to understand some additional principles of love, which I believe Jesus taught. In human nature’s midst, we must maintain a balance between self-awareness—understanding our personal contribution to positive and negative outcomes—and learning how to tell others no, stop, or even be gone. We must learn how to be honest, yet not cruel.

This brings us to step two. I believe we must challenge our understanding of forgiveness and forgiving. How are we coping with those who habitually cause harm? Whose place is it to forgive? What part do we play in forgiveness? I suggest to you that we must peel away the scales from our eyes—not just the eyes we see with but the eyes of our mind. I believe we must challenge our understanding of forgiveness so we are able to correctly identify and respond to those who intend harm and coerce us with false teachings.

Forgiveness requires the offender’s action. Forgiving requires the offended’s action. The first action, asking for forgiveness, must take place to even consider the act of forgiving. Without the action of asking first, the actions of the second become arrogant and narcissistic. Further, I suggest these habitual offenders are in God’s hands, and our obligation stops at praying that God is merciful with them. The habitual offenders define themselves, proving their ill intent by their own hands. The notion that some individual or group has the power to forgive those who do not seek forgiveness is deluded and conspires against God and our Lord and Savior Jesus. We have no real control or power to mitigate the natural consequences of another person’s poor choices, unhealthy behaviors, or ill intentions. If we believe it is our place to fix or mitigate negative outcomes for ill-intended people, we are not loving or forgiving. In turn, if we do not rebuke ill-intended people who exploit the innocent, our wrong is graver than the ill-intended person’s.

I believe we must challenge our understanding of love and forgiveness if we are to discover how to learn. We must be willing to question everything and everyone if we are to stop the exploitation of good and decent people. We must practice and teach healthy understandings of love and learn our true role in forgiveness if we are to discern between those in our lives who help us to grow and those who intend harm. More dangerous than any other weapon is the individual who is able to skillfully craft a false narrative, manipulate a chain of events, or exploit the masses’ emotions to achieve an agenda that he or she touts as being for the greater good, when in truth it is for the sole purpose of destroying, killing, or controlling others. If you do not believe these ill-intended people exist, I believe you—as the reader—provide the very evidence which substantiates my claim.

Phillip C. Parrish

31 May 2015

Dishonest Teachers

People of any culture or origin who practice passive aggressive, covert, and outright dishonest methods to teach or to socially engineer people are instruments of evil. To practice covert persuasion, manipulation, and exploitation as tools to change people or cultures even for an alleged just cause ultimately results in injustice. Leaders, teachers, or any person of authority who practice lying and omitting truth (Taqiyya and Kitman) to achieve goals are the voices and hands of evil. Goals, objectives, or concepts conceived in such people’s minds always result in harming and killing others.


Parrish Honored as Recipient of Education Liberty Award

Parrish Honored as Recipient of Education Liberty Award

United States Senate Candidate also Earns Education Freedom Coalition Endorsement

Medford, MN – The founders of the volunteer citizen organization About Common Core honored Conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Phillip Charles Parrish, as the recipient of the Education Liberty Award. The group recognized Parrish not only for opposing Common Core but also for supporting teachers and parents to have the freedom to choose the best path in properly educating their students and children. Parrish also earned the formal endorsement of the Education Freedom Coalition.


In accepting the award, Parrish proudly states, “I am deeply honored to receive this award I believe our children do best when we shift educational control away from a centralized government and back to our local communities. I believe in our parents and teachers; they know the best-suited educational environment for their children.”
Education Liberty Award
About Common Core is a grassroots organization composed of volunteer citizens including educators, parents and civic leaders. About Common Core’s mission is to defend every child, teacher and family from exposure to the destructive, unproven influences of Common Core and its dangerous abuses of our children’s privacy. About Common Core’s goal is to eradicate Common Core in every state as quickly as possible. To that end, About Common Core recently released a free mobile app for all smart phones and tablets. The app is available by either visiting or through Google, Amazon, or the Apple App Store.

Medford man seeks Republican nomination for U.S. Senate


Medford man seeks Republican nomination for U.S. Senate

MEDFORD — To Phillip Parrish, Washington, D.C., is full of dark secrets, false narratives and manufactured cover-ups. And he’s upset about it.

“I have chosen to try aMedford Mannd start a conversation and have a connection with people to discuss some things that are very serious and very wrong,” he said.

So Parrish decided to try and take it up with Washington from the inside and seek the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. Senate.

The spot, currently held by DFL Sen. Al Franken, is up for election this year.

Born in Blue Earth, Parrish, 48, grew up on a farm just outside Medford. He graduated from Minnesota State University with an education degree now works in England as an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve.

Parrish has a reactionary political outlook, driven by a desire to bring American politics back into his conservative ideal. He self-identifies as a constitutionalist on his Twitter page.

He endorses government transparency and a resurgence of state power. His campaign slogan is “restore our republic,” a call to pull back the reins of what he sees as government power gone too far.

His interest in politics began in high school when he did grassroots campaigning for Steve Sviggum, former Minnesota state representative.

In 2006, he launched his first campaign and attempted to enter the Minnesota gubernatorial race. As a former teacher, he wanted to correct what he considered to be bad practices in special education reform.

It was another case of the government pulling the wool over people’s eyes, he said.

“Another agenda was spun up and kept in the forefront to stay away from a special education agenda that a few people had in the Department of Education,” Parrish said.

Parrish ran without the endorsement of a major political party and failed to collect enough signatures to make the ballot. The incumbent, Republican Tim Pawlenty, went on to win the election.

Now seeking a U.S. Senate seat, Parrish wants to take his message to the national stage. This time, he’s hunting for the spot on the Republican ticket.

His opposition for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate includes state Sen. Julianne Ortman, businessman Mike McFadden, state Rep. Jim Abeler of Anoka and St. Louis County Commissioner Chris Dahberg.

His policy points include reducing the national debt, bolstering the military and repealing the Affordable Care Act, which is referred to as a “fraudulently named abomination” on his campaign flyer.

As the mid-term election season draws near, Parrish hopes to get out on the campaign trail full-time. He has been traveling between Minnesota and England. He’s proud of his Navy Reserve duties, but has his eye set on his candidacy.

Parrish will tour district conventions and speaking engagements in the near future to gear up for the summer campaign season. He wants to meet as many people as he can, he said.

And though all that secrecy and federal power can instill anger, he says the best thing to do is to get out and talk about it — civilly.

“You can sit here and complain, or you can stand up and have a conversation,” Parrish said. “Let’s focus on what we can do.”

Parrish will host a public question-and-answer session at the Comfort Inn near Cabela’s in Owatonna from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.