Planned Parenthood commits 323,999 (2014 total) abortions per year and growing. CDC reported a total of 699,202 abortions in 2012. Current estimates average over 972,000 abortions per year in the United States. You really want to claim this is about choice? 972,000 abortions per year and growing is about murder and genocide. The culture of death surrounding those who talk themselves and others into the justifications used to hide this reality defies logic, unless they are secretly proponents of genocide.

You want a choice? Book an appointment to have a vasectomy or tubal ligation. O that’s right, now act shocked and outraged at such a suggestion while 972,000 unborn human beings are murdered each year. The hypocrisy and moral perversion exposes the true nature of proponents of abortion. 

If you propose to justify all this with rape statistics, the numbers don’t add up. You would be better served to start focusing on the culture of violence associated with the men who have no respect for women, life, or children.

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Phillip Parrish

Phillip Parrish is owner and founder of, The Minnesotan, and Phillip C Parrish Music. Security consultant, investigator, author, musician, and entrepreneur, Phillip provides his clients leadership training as well as investigative analysis and assessment of company process and procedural vulnerabilities.