They Mean to Kill Non-Believers

Peace? Enabling violent people practicing a core doctrine (Islam) that is aimed at overthrowing other cultures will not achieve peace. Believing that these practitioners do not really mean what they are teaching-to kill anyone who opposes Islam- is arrogant; they mean to kill non-believers. Enabling or believing that criminals or subversives do not really intend what their repeated actions prove has led to the deaths of millions. Violent abusive people are often viewed as misguided or mentally ill. I submit to you that the enabler in this case is the one who is mentally or at least emotionally ill. #SilenceIsConsent #IfYouSeeSomethingSaySomething

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Phillip Parrish

Phillip Parrish is owner and founder of, The Minnesotan, and Phillip C Parrish Music. Security consultant, investigator, author, musician, and entrepreneur, Phillip provides his clients leadership training as well as investigative analysis and assessment of company process and procedural vulnerabilities.