Jihadi Salafists

Be vigilant friends. One world order globalists and one world order Muslim brotherhood jihadi salafists are one in the same and have colluded to cause free people harm. They have no interest in a greater good or freedom. Their goals, narrative, and agenda bring only pain, suffering, and death. Be vigilant as they know they are being exposed and they will become increasingly dishonest, desperate, and violent. Continue to be good citizen journalists. Document, preserve your information, and then communicate with everyone you possibly can. One world order jihadi globalists can be defeated when we as individuals rise up together, speak the truth, and demand the truth.

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Phillip Parrish

Phillip Parrish is owner and founder of phillipcparrish.com, The Minnesotan, and Phillip C Parrish Music. Security consultant, investigator, author, musician, and entrepreneur, Phillip provides his clients leadership training as well as investigative analysis and assessment of company process and procedural vulnerabilities.