Foreign policy: U.S. coalition with Islamic states to combat Islam?

A U.S.-led coalition of Islamic states to combat Islam is the same treasonous foreign policy practiced for decades. Yes, treason. Islam is the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution. Islamic doctrine openly states and practices cultural soft and violent warfare to overthrow all other cultures and governments. Islam of any degree has one common and persistent agenda: for all to submit to Islam-Sharia–no lesser version or goal exists. All levels of Islamic culture put forth this agenda in writing and practice. U.S. Citizens must recognize American officials, military, law enforcement, and nongovernment agencies involvement with Islamic groups, as seditious and subversive threats to Americans and the U.S. Constitution.

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Phillip Parrish

Phillip Parrish is owner and founder of, The Minnesotan, and Phillip C Parrish Music. Security consultant, investigator, author, musician, and entrepreneur, Phillip provides his clients leadership training as well as investigative analysis and assessment of company process and procedural vulnerabilities.