Dishonest Teachers

People of any culture or origin who practice passive aggressive, covert, and outright dishonest methods to teach or to socially engineer people are instruments of evil. To practice covert persuasion, manipulation, and exploitation as tools to change people or cultures even for an alleged just cause ultimately results in injustice. Leaders, teachers, or any person of authority who practice lying and omitting truth (Taqiyya and Kitman) to achieve goals are the voices and hands of evil. Goals, objectives, or concepts conceived in such people’s minds always result in harming and killing others.


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Phillip Parrish

Phillip Parrish is owner and founder of, The Minnesotan, and Phillip C Parrish Music. Security consultant, investigator, author, musician, and entrepreneur, Phillip provides his clients leadership training as well as investigative analysis and assessment of company process and procedural vulnerabilities.