VP Parrish Industries LLC

VP Parrish Industries Limited Liability Company was founded in March 2016.

Consulting and Training: Phillip provides briefings and training on personal and business security. If your family or staff is not taking cyber threats and personal safety seriously, Phillip provides real-time meaningful discussions and knowledge that your family and team can relate to, will not overwhelm them, and will inspire them to take action. Phillip is an inspirational speaker, expert analytical trainer, and investigator.

Victoria Anne Quilting and Sewing: Victoria provides primer custom quilts. She is available to train and mentor quilters of any age. The quilting and sewing studio can be booked for rental time to assist quilters and customize levels of support the customer may need. Projects are contracted on an individual bases.

Phillip C Parrish Music: Phillip is an inspiring singer and songwriter (Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, and Classical). Phillip is available for performances. He is an outstanding vocal coach, theatre director, and choral director.
Parrish Farms: Phillip and Victoria sell free-range meet (beef, chicken, lamb) and fresh garden produce.