Leading the Conservative Revolution in Minnesota to Restore OUR Republic

My name is Phillip Parrish. As an educator and a commissioned intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves, I have dedicated my life to excellence and leadership in public service both at home and abroad.

I am not a career politician. I am not a Wall Street executive. Like you, I am a concerned Patriot, fighting to secure the best possible America for my family.

I believe policies geared toward lower taxes and free-market solutions that reward merit, encourage investment and champion success are necessary to revitalize Minnesota’s economic outlook.

As a fiscal conservative, I believe Congress should pass a balanced-budget amendment and embrace the Tenth Amendment as a natural “bureaucracy relief valve” to overcome its addiction to deficit spending.


I invite you to consider my priority positions and policy points on the issues that matter most.

Join the Conservative Revolution in Minnesota.

Together, we can Restore OUR Republic.


• REPEAL & REPLACE OBAMACARE – health savings plan, catastrophic care fund
• EMPOWER STATES – establish congressional term limits, support 10th amendment
• WIN PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH – protect American citizens and OUR shores
• ENHANCE ADOPTION AS AN OPTION – save innocent lives, empower women
• MEND THE BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM – no federal $ to sanctuary cities
• ABOLISH THE DEATH TAX – adopt Fair Tax Act HR 25 S122
• AMEND THE CONSTITUTION – Balanced Budget Amendment
• PROTECT OUR COURTS – confirm judicial nominees who defend the Constitution
• DEFEND GUN RIGHTS – gun rights are non-negotiable
• RECLAIM EDUCATION – stop Common Core, return control to parents & teachers

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